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Partnering with ACI

Choosing a partner for your next project or bid can make or break your success.  ACI has an immaculate reputation when it comes to partnering with companies and agencies to produce results and capture wins.  

What sets ACI apart as a platinum partner for your organization.

Program longevity, 20+ years of serving on Government contracts

ACI Solutions is proud of our longstanding work on domestic and international government contracts. For more than 20 years, our project teams and managers have crafted solutions to the issues facing our government leaders and met mission-critical IT needs for U.S. clients including the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, as well as international governments in Honduras and Belize. Ensuring all program objectives are achieved on time and within budget has resulted in enduring relationships with clients and recognition by their leadership. 

Robust past performance

ACI solutions has a long history of successfully implementing & deploying technical infrastructure solutions for clients, such as DHS and TSA. Our engineers and program leaders have been recognized by TSA leadership for supporting the TSA Enterprise at the highest levels of service and availability. We have had repeated success internationally with foreign ports in Central America and the Caribbean strengthening information and communication technology infrastructure. Our history and strong track record with our clients is the foundation that we continually build from with each new project. 

High win rates

With a robust past performance and a strong track record of providing innovative technological solutions to our clients, ACI Solutions is highly competitive in our proposals. Our capabilities include a wide range of information technology services that we tailor to our client’s specific issue and need. The complete package of services included in our proposals has resulted in a high win rate for ACI Solutions.

Technical expertise

ACI solutions project managers are ready with innovative solutions to our clients’ needs. As the tech environment changes rapidly, our team possesses the skills to research and implement cost-effective solutions tailored to each task and component in the project. Our staff are industry leaders, meeting high standards of professionalism and ethics, while possessing the experience and skills to achieve the client’s IT management business objectives.

Proactive and responsive project managers

ACI Solutions managers have the expertise and skills to coordinate all facets of our projects. We provide overall coordination across all program leads, both client and subcontractor, coordinating master schedules to keep tasks and deliverables on time. When unexpected requirements are presented, our staff reprioritize tasks to ensure client needs are met. As final solutions are developed and implemented, we coordinate discussion between new vendors and client staff to ensure maximum benefit is realized. The goal of each of our managers is to communicate regularly with our client and to see that the full scope of work is completed above and beyond expectations.

A culture of innovation, team member satisfaction and customer service

ACI Solutions fosters a culture of collaboration and empowerment amongst our staff. We encourage our employees to balance their work and life goals, while developing relationships among their co-workers. We are able to provide excellent customer service from this workplace culture, in that each of our team members has a network of skilled IT expertise they can connect with when facing challenges on a project. Connecting all of our skill sets results in excellent service to our clients and customers.

Environmental and social responsibility

A purpose beyond profit. ACI engages in environmental preservation efforts through proper equipment disposal ethical labor practices, philanthropy, and promoting volunteering. With an entire program, ACI Connect, ACI’s dedication to environmental and social responsibility is a cornerstone of our company.



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