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With over 15 years’ experience in innovative solutions for enterprise and government agencies, ACI Solutions has the ability to bring our customers a customized solution designed to meet their enterprise needs. Our Global Energy and Environmental Solutions (GEES) technical and business consultants help analyze, deploy, manage and optimize our customers’ infrastructure footprint, implement resiliency and sustainability, and protect natural resources through innovative technologies and services.

ACI’s innovative solutions are highly scalable and can be deployed by critical infrastructure, natural resource, and utility entities to monitor, control and optimize their operations in real-time. Our standards-based solutions allow you to choose your desired hardware, database technology, operating system platforms and virtualization platforms based on your corporate IT polices, without rigid requirements imposed.

ACI’s customized platform connects sensor-based data, operations and the people who rely on data to manage processes efficiency, asset health quality and resource management. The innovative approach works through server-based technology and makes historical and real-time data instantly available to users wherever they are. As a result, you achieve end-to-end visibility across the enterprise.

We enable the right people to possess accurate data to make better decisions.

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Phone: 1-866-964-1960